118 RPM HD Premium Planetary Gear Motor w/Encoder

84,17 (68,99 + IVA)

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Output Shaft Style D-shaft
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Support Dual Ball Bearings
Gear Material brass primary, nylon secondary, steel tertiary
Weight 13.5 oz (382g)
Voltage (Nominal) 12V
Voltage Range (Recommended) 6V - 12V
Speed (No Load @ 12VDC) 118 rpm
Current (No Load @ 12VDC) 0.53A
Current (Stall @ 12VDC) 20A
Torque (Stall @ 12VDC) 958 oz-in (69 kgf-cm)
Gearbox Style Planetary
Connector Type PH Series JST 6-pin Connector (2mm Pitch)
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Motor Shaft) 12
Encoder: Countable Events Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 3,415.92
Gear Ratio 71.165:1
Encoder Type Relative, Quadrature
Encoder Sensor Type Magnetic (Hall Effect)
Encoder Sensor Input Voltage Range 2.4 - 26V
Encoder Sensor Output Pulse Amplitude ~= Sensor Input Voltage


  • The pulse amplitude of the encoder’s output square wave signal is dependent on the voltage you supply the sensor.  For example, if you provide 5V to Sensor Voltage +, then Channels A & B will have a pulse amplitude of 5V.

  • To enhance the resolution, the encoder is attached to the motor before the gearbox.

  • Gear train damage can occur if stalled (locked).

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