27:1 Worm Gear Set (6mm to 1/4" Bore Worm, Hub Mount Worm Gear)

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30,85 (25,29 + IVA)




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This 27:1 ratio worm gear set provides a compact way to create a drastic reduction in the output speed of a gear motor. The 6mm bore on one side of the worm is intended to slide over the shaft of a motor, leaving the other side available to insert a 1/4" D-shaft into to provide additional axial support in demanding applications. The mating worm gear is cut to perfectly mesh with the worm with a center spacing of 0.75"; the same spacing as you'll find on the Actobotics Channel. The worm gear is mounted with the provided 1/4" D-Bore Clamping Hub. By the nature of the way the gears are cut, it's impossible to backdrive this setup which makes it an excellent solution for applications that have a moment arm that always acts on the motor which moves the arm.


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