4 Channel Servo Recorder

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Record and play back multiple servos’ movements with the 4 Channel Servo Recorder! It allows you to control up to four servos with a customizable recording up to 26 minutes in duration. Beyond simply recording and playing back servo movement, the Servo Recorder can fine-tune the playback to your project by allowing you to choose when and how servos return to their original positions.

Each of the four channels can be modified to a user-defined range of motion, as well as altered for reversed movement relative to the turning of its control knob. These features and more make the Servo Recorder a fantastic solution for getting exactly the repeated movement you want out of multiple servos. It’s perfect in animatronics assemblies, robotics projects, and pan and tilt systems!

Servo Connection

Four servo ports allow you to put up to four servos under the Servo Recorder’s control.

Voltage Input

The Servo Recorder can be powered by a DC input voltage between 5 and 15V. The XT30 connector is the primary power input port; however, if you are using a battery with a connector similar to that of a servo (TJC8), you may plug it into two of the three pins at the top of the board. Make sure to use only one of the available power inputs at a time.

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