6" Stroke: 115 lb Thrust Linear Servo (HDLS-6-50-12V)

Linear Servo

X = Center to Center
Stroke Retracted Extended
5.90” 11.69” 17.59”

484,02 (396,74 + IVA)

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Linear servos can be used in place of pneumatics and hydraulics.  The ACME screw that drives the extension tube provides efficient linear thrust and allows the linear servo to handle immense static loads without being back-driven even with power removed.  The metal construction of the linear servo provides tremendous durability and reliability.  Linear servos are able to operate in any orientation and provide equal force in both the pulling and pushing directions.  The mounting clevis nearest the motor is fixed but the mounting clevis on the extension tube is able to be rotated if your application requires the holes to be oriented differently.  Mounting holes are 5/16" diameter.

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