6" Stroke: 25 lb Thrust Linear Servo (HDLS-6-2-12V)

Linear servo

420,89 (344,99 + IVA)

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Linear servos can be used in place of pneumatics and hydraulics.  The ACME screw that drives the extension tube provides efficient linear thrust and allows the linear servo to handle immense static loads without being back-driven even with power removed.  The metal construction of the linear servo provides tremendous durability and reliability.  Linear servos are able to operate in any orientation and provide equal force in both the pulling and pushing directions.  The mounting clevis nearest the motor is fixed but the mounting clevis on the extension tube is able to be rotated if your application requires the holes to be oriented differently.  Mounting holes are 5/16" diameter.

Voltage Range (Recommended) 6V - 14V
Voltage (Nominal) 12V
Product Weight 43.3 oz
PWM Signal (Fully Retracted) 2000µs
PWM Signal (Fully Extended) 1000µs
Pulse Amplitude 3-5V
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Speed (No Load)* 2.20” per second
Speed (Max Load)* 1.37” per second
Current Drain (Idle)* 140mA
Current Drain (No-Load)* 1A
Current Drain (Max Load)* 4.5A
Deadband Width 8µs
Dynamic Thrust* 25 lbs
Static Load 500 lbs
Motor Type 3 Pole Ferrite
Feedback Style 10KΩ Potentiometer
Potentiometer Tolerance ± 5%
Potentiometer Linearity ± 0.25%
Feedback Density 1.66KΩ / inch
Gear Ratio 5:1
Gear Material Metal Gear Train, Nylon Pinion
Gearbox Style Straight Cut Spur
Wire Length Servo Lead: 12.0”, Power Input: 6.0"
Wire Gauge Servo Lead: 22awg, Power Input: 14awg
Electrical Connection Servo Lead: Male Servo Connector, Power Input: Male Tamiya Connector
Ingress Protection (IP) IP53
Duty Cycle 25% (25% on, 75% off)
Housing Material Zinc Alloy
Lead Screw Type 3mm pitch, single thread
Stroke 6"

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