6mm shaft clamp with clamping screw

This product offers an easy way of attaching a gear or wheel to a cylindrical section shaft. The "clamping" system is ideal for applications where a larger grip is required due to a large torque.

This system also has other advantages over the "grain (screw) fixing". For example, the axis to which the clamp is attached is not damaged. The disadvantage is that it may not be sufficiently balanced in high-speed use.

These terminals are compatible with our ServoBlocks.

9,81 (8,04 + IVA)




0.770" Clamping Hubs


545580 , 545584 , 545588 , 545592 , 545596 , 545600 , 545604 , 545608 , 545612 , 545616 , 545624 , 545628 , 545632



Pattern: 0.770"


The lateral clamping screw is of type 6-32 and requires a hexagonal (Allen or Allen key) wrench from 7/64 "(sold separately).


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