Temperature/Humidity Sensor TH-6148

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he Temperature/Humidity Sensor TH-6148 is intended to be used together with the Outdoor Weather Bricklet. It consists of

  • Thermometer (temperature sensor) and
  • Hygrometer (humidity sensor).

A mouting brackets is included.

The sensor is batterie powered* and establishes a wireless connection to the Outdoor Weather Bricklet with a range of up to 100m.

The Outdoor Weather Bricklet can read out up to 256 TH-6148 at the same time. The data is differenciated by an indentifier that is automatically assigned on the first startup of the weather station.

Measurements, units and resolutions are:

  • Temperature in °C with 0.1°C resolution
  • Humidity in %RH with 1%RH resolution

* Batteries are not included, you need two AAA batteries.

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