We sell our products mainly in EU, but we can ship worldwide.  Below you find a map of customers locations. We inserted only the city not address or names

Our components are ideal for small automation, lab automations,  protototypes.

If you have a valid  EU VAT number ,  VAT and taxes are removed automatically.

We sell components and products for educational purpose to schools and institutions. We can also make custom kits based con customer requirements.

We sell also to private persons. If you want to build your own idea, you can find a lot of solutions and examples in our examples page.

Siamo presenti sul MEPA  e possiamo fornire rapidamente materiale a Centri Ricerca, Scuole, Università

I nostri prodotti e servizi sono disponibili per privati, aziende, scuole, enti di ricerca, hobbisti, modellisti, inventori, studenti. Non importa se il tuo progetto è piccolo o grande.

Utilizzano i nostri prodotti e servizi...

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