15 Tooth Pinion Pulley 615424

Material Aluminum
Shaft Mount Style 10-32 Set Screw
Max Timing Belt Width 0.375" (3/8)
Tooth Count 15



These 15 tooth pulleys are able to run inside of our aluminum channel. The pulleys are .40” inside the flanges to allow for belts up to 3/8” in width. The pulley can be used for building pan and tilt systems, camera sliders, XY tables, robotic drive mechanisms, etc.

The 6mm Bore XL Series (1/5 pitch) Pinion Pulleys can attach directly to any of our gear motors that have a 6mm output shaft. Simply slide the pulley onto the motor shaft and tighten the 10-32 set screw, using a 3/32 hex key. The 1/4” Bore pulleys can attach directly to our 1/4” shafts. The 4mm Bore pulley is compatible with our 4mm shafting or our Premium Planetary Gear Motors. The 5mm, 8mm and 12mm bore pulleys are compatible with our metric shafting of the same size. Use these pulleys in conjunction with our XL series timing belt. These pinion pulleys use a 3/32” Hex Key (sold separately).

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