Open source educational weather station


The weather station includes python libraries that allow you to read the data sent by the sensors quickly and easily.

Raspberry Pi Compatibility

The weather station can be connected directly to a PC via a remote USB adapter, or to a Rapsberry


The connection between the station and the computer or Raspberry takes place wirelessly. The remote station is powered by AA batteries. You can connect up to 128 stations together to compare the measurements on multiple positions.



Included with the station are a number of examples of commented code for use with the station.


A preconfigured micro SD is available for use with Raspberry.

Learn to make simple programs to read the temperature, humidity, pressure and save the data in tables, graphs, text files.

Example: create a program that records the temperature, humidity, pressure every 30 minutes.


Data from multiple sources
Do you want to see how the parameters change with the exposure of your weather station? You can connect up to 128 complete stations or 128 temperature / humidity sensors.

Example: Record the temperature data measured by the North station every 30 minutes. Record the temperature measured by the south station every 30 minutes. Compare the trend and the maximum and minimum values measured by the two stations.

Learn how to plot a chart
By interfacing the weather station with a raspberry, you can easily acquire data as a function of time and plot a graph.

Example: Create a program that measures the temperature for 48 hours. Compare the trend of temperatures as a function of time.


Put your station online: Learn how to make a web page.
Do you want to insert data or graphics on your site or blog? You will find the basic examples in php or you can buy plugins for your site.

Example: Create a web page that displays parameters and graphs

online example


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Temperature and humidity

Rain gauge

Your station goes online !

Compatibility with WordPress

Publish your data on wordpress blog or site

Full php compatibility

Connect any page written in php language. Collect data real time


Sensors are conncted to the main computer or Raspberry wirelessly.

Weather Station

The educational weather station by Steplab is equipped with the following sensors:

  • Anemometer: the anemometer group allows you to measure the wind speed and direction. It can acquire both the average speed and the instantaneous speed (bursts). A digital sensor automatically returns the wind direction. (the weather station must be calibrated using a compass to obtain correspondence with the cardinal points)
  • Rain gauge: the rain gauge allows you to measure mm of rain. The data on mm of rain can be read automatically by an application (e.g. python)
  • Temperature and humidity: the station is equipped with a system for measuring the temperature and relative humidity. A ventilated protection column allows to measure the real values even in the presence of direct sun.
  • Barometer: for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Are you interested in the didactic weather station? contact us. We will illustrate the various options and provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.