785 Gear Rack Kit (Single Parallel) 637169

785 Gear Rack Kit (Single Perpendicular parallel)

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The 785 Gear Rack Kit is a simple way to create linear motion using a rotational servo. The kit comes with the multi-rotation Hitec HS-785HB servo which allows for up to 9.6” of travel when sending the proper PWM signal from a servo controller. The kit is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum components and wear resistant Delrin plastic to create a durable yet lightweight assembly. The framework has several mounting options and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Actobotics line of products. The 785 Gear Rack Kit is great for steering racks and other applications that require linear motion using a PWM signal. All the hardware is included. For details on the assembly process, be sure to check out our assembly video.

Signal information: The HS-785HB servo rotates approximately 1.7 degrees/microsecond change in signal. To achieve full travel, a signal range from approximately 850-2150usec will be required (each HS-785HB servo responds to a signal slightly differently so you may need to fine-tune this range in order to achieve full travel without hitting the stops at the ends). On a standard RC transmitter and receiver (assuming a 1050-1950usec range) the Gear Rack Kit will travel approximately 6.7”. For details on the HS-785HB servo that drives the 785 Gear Rack Kit

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