8mm Lead Screw Nut, 0.770" Pattern

Product Weight 0.90 oz
Material Bronze
Lead Pitch 2mm
Number of Threads 6.35
Number of Starts 4
Outside Diameter 1"
Inside Diameter 8mm
Length 0.50"
Hole Pattern 0.770"

11,21 (9,19 + IVA)

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The 8mm lead screw nut with the .770" pattern is intended to be used with our 8mm lead screw.  The threads are precisely cut to provide minimal backlash while retaining a low coefficient of friction between the bronze nut and the stainless lead screw.  The .770" pattern provides a simple way to attach our components to your linear drive system, or if you want a clamping solution to easily index the nut you can use a 1" clamping hub around the outer diameter of the lead screw nut.

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