BM-800-CR Servo Gearbox


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The BM-800-CR Servo Gearbox kit multiplies the torque of an already stout large size Hitec servo by adding another set of final drive gears. The gearbox frame is machined from high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum for superior strength and durability. The hardened 3/8” stainless steel output shaft is supported by dual ABEC-5 precision ball bearings that allow extremely smooth operation with load bearing capabilities of up to 200lbs. The stainless shaft is hollow (.290” hole) to allow wires to pass through.  The 5:1 gear ratio is made up of a brass Hitec servo gear with the D1 spline meshed with a 7075 aluminum 32 pitch hub gear. The hub gear is fastened to the output shaft with a 3/8” clamping hub. The .770” clamping hub has 6-32 tapped holes which allow easy attachment of various components.  The gearbox can be mounted using the bottom-mount tabs which are .147” thick and have .140” thru-holes (allows a #6 screw to be used). Servo not included (full instructions included). Patented.

Note: The BM-800-CR kit, when assembled, will allow for unlimited (continuous) rotation out of the final shaft. The assembled unit will operate in open loop form and not have any positioning feedback. The PWM signal received from the servo controller will determine the servo’s speed and direction rather than position. If you are not comfortable soldering and handling delicate parts, we would suggest purchasing a fully assembled Servo Power Gearbox.

Compatible servos: HS-805BB (nylon gear analog servo), HS-805MG (metal gear analog servo), HS-5805MG (metal gear digital servo)

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