D940TW servo hitec

Digital Servo Hitec  with MCU 32 bit ADC 12bit D940TW

187,16 (153,41 + IVA)



Servo Type   Digital 32bit
Supply voltage   4,8V - 7,4V
Application   speed
Torque at 4,8V   10 Kg/cm
Torque at 6,0V   13,5 Kg/cm
Torque at 7,4V   16,5 Kg/cm
Speed at 4,8V   0,11 Sec/60 grd
Speed at 6,0V   0,07 Sec/60 grd
Speed at 7,4V   0,06 Sec/60 grd
Gears   Titanium 100%
Bearings   2
Programmable   Yes
Motor Type   Coreless
Dimensions   39,9x20,1x38,1mm
Weight   68 Grams
Special features   32bit, UltraResponse, OVLP

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