Extension Spring (6.5mm OD, 1.5kg Max Load, 39-72mm Length)

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4,15 (3,40 + IVA)


This steel extension spring—as utilized in the goBILDA® Odometry Pod—provides the crucial downforce that allows the omni wheel to make consistent contact with the soft tile surface used in the First Tech Challenge (FTC). The spring’s 33mm of usable travel yields excellent overall travel for the pod; even when your robot experiences an obstacle, the wheel remains grounded.

This spring also has many uses outside odometry. While similar in shape and size, this spring has a lighter pull than the 2915-0001-0002, and can help to maintain proper tension on strings and cables that need a fair bit less of a tug.

Mounting the spring is simple: the 5mm ID loop-ends slip over M4 screws and allow the spring to rotate about the screw in non-linear applications.

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