Linear Actuator 12V 150kg 150mm

Material: metal
Voltage: DC 12V
Maximum Push / Pull: Approx. 150kg / 140kg
Stroke length (optional): approx. 50mm / 1.97inch, 100mm / 3.94inch, 150mm / 5.91inch, 250mm / 9.84inch, 300mm / 11.81inch
No-load speed: 6 mm / s
Speed ​​and pull ratio: 5mm / s (kg) - / 50s (50kg)
Ambient temperature: from -26 ° C to + 50 ° C
Standard protection level: IP54
Built-in Travel Switch: Yes
Silver colour
Weight: 723g (50mm), 846g (100mm), 947g (150mm), 1136g (250mm), 1215g (300mm)

96,48 (79,09 + IVA)

98 in stock

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Linear actuator Voltage: 12V Feedback: n/a Range: 150mm Current (no load): 0.8A Max Current: 3A max load: 150kg

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