M8 x 1.25mm Round Screw Plate (545470)

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M8 x 1.25mm Round Screw Plate

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The M8 x 1.25mm Screw Plate allows you to fasten an object with an 8mm thread to the center of the .770″ hub pattern. Four of the eight orbital holes on the .770″ pattern are tapped to 6-32, the remaining four are thru-hole so the part can be attached in many different ways. The outside diameter of the screw plate is 1″ so that it’s compatible with 1″ components such as clamping hubs and bearings. This part is perfect for attaching a threaded stem caster to a wheeled chassis. Screw plates can also be used as a heavy duty threaded inserts for materials that don’t take threads well.

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