ServoBlock Hitec "1/4 scale" - 0.770" Pattern Hub (637118)

42,08 (34,49 + IVA)

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ServoBlocks increase a servo’s load-bearing capabilities by helping to isolate the lateral load from the servo spline and case. The extreme versatility of ServoBlocks allow users to create complex, extremely rigid, structures with ease using standard Hitec servos. The ½” aluminum hub shaft provides multiple mounting options using 6-32 screws. The robust 6061 T-6 aluminum framework acts as a servo exoskeleton, greatly enhancing the mechanical loads the servo can withstand. ServoCity’s .770” hub pattern is repeated throughout the framework to allow endless attachment options. The Quarter Scale ServoBlocks are compatible with Servo HS-785HB. The kit ships unassembled and the servo is not included. ServoBlocks are a must have for any project that demands the most out of your servo! Patented.

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