Stepper motor Nema 14 .9deg 0.4A 11Ncm

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This Nema 14 Bipolar stepper motor with 0.9deg pitch angle and dimensions 35x35x28mm. It has 4 wires, each phase draws 0.4 A to 10 V, with tightening torque 11 Ncm (

Electric Specification
Manufacturer`s Part No: 14HM11-0404S
Engine type: Bipolar
Angle of step: 0.9 deg
Sealing torque: 11Ncm (
Current / rated phase: 0.4A
Nominal voltage: 10V
Phase resistance: 25ohms
Inductance: 24mH ± 20% (1KHz)
Physical Specification
Frame size: 35 x 35mm
Engine height: 28mm
Diameter of the axis: Φ5mm
Rod length: 24mm
D-cut Length: 15mm
Number of cables: 4
Cable length: 300mm
Weight: 140g

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