Worm Gear Set (28:1 Ratio, 6mm D-Bore Worm)

Compatibility: 6mm d shaft

42,08 (34,49 + IVA)

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Get Inspired:

This 28:1 Ratio Worm Gear Set is an excellent way to slow things down and increase torque! It’s also a great choice when you need a gear system that can’t be backdriven.

While you can use this set on the outside of channel, its gears are specially designed for 1120 Series U-Channel’s internal 43mm width.

The "Worm"
The stainless steel worm is engineered to be driven by a 6mm D-shaft. When you’re using it inside 1120 Series U-Channel, you can stack a radial bearing and thrust bearing on each side of the worm to use the entirety of the channel’s internal 43mm width to axially restrain the worm between its sides.

If you drive the worm with a 6mm D-shaft that is shorter than can protrude through both the bearings and the worm, simply slide a second 6mm D-shaft into the far side of the worm and lock it in place with the worm’s M5 set-screw. This bit of shaft will provide support to the far end of the worm–a nice feature when loads escalate!

The "Worm Gear"
The brass worm gear is meant to be driven by the worm. It’s totally unable to drive the worm, and that's part of the magic of a worm drive’s gear reduction. And because this gear has 28 teeth, compared to the worm’s one tooth, it rotates an astounding 28 times slower than the worm! The worm gear’s goBILDA® 16mm pattern allows you to choose from a variety of output shaft diameter and profile options to find the one that best fits your project.

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