Servo Gearboxes are built for extreme applications that demand more than what a regular servo can withstand.  While the primary advantage to using a servo gearbox is the increased torque that is provided by adding an external gear ratio, there are many benefits beyond multiplying the torque output.

Servo Gearboxes are robust! While there are high torque servos on the market that doesn’t mean they can compare to the load capacity of a Servo Gearbox.  The small splined output shaft of a regular servo isn’t long enough, large enough or supported well enough to handle some loads even though the torque numbers appear to be appropriate for the application.  A servo gearbox isolates the load to the gearbox output shaft which is supported by a pair of ABEC-5 precision ball bearings.  The external shaft can withstand extreme loads in the axial and radial directions without transferring those forces on to the servo.  In turn, the servo runs more freely and is able to transfer more torque to the output shaft of the gearbox.

Servo Gearboxes provide freedom for how much rotation is achieved from a servo.  Most hobby servos are limited to just beyond 180 degrees of rotation.  Many of the Servo Gearboxes utilize a patented external potentiometer so that the rotation amount is independent of the gear ratio installed on the Servo Gearbox.  In such case, the small gear on the servo will rotate as many times as necessary to drive the potentiometer (and hence the gearbox output shaft) into the position that the signal from the servo controller calls for.

The machined aluminum frameworks come in different shapes but are all robust and ready to deliver.
Start by selecting the gearbox style best suited for your application:

Channel Gearbox:
Designed to mount inside Actobotics Channel. Great for robotic arms and projects that have limited space. 1/2″ output shaft.

Top Flange Gearbox: 
Designed to be recessed into a flat surface using the tabs on the top edge of the gearbox. Excellent for R/C sailboats. 3/8″ output shaft.

Bottom Flange Gearbox: 
Designed to be mounted ontop a flat surface. Great for FPV antenna trackers and base gearboxes on robotic arms. 3/8″ output shaft.

Square Tube Gearbox:
Sleek, rectangular profile with mounting options on the ends and sides. 1/2″ output shaft (1″ shaft available on some models).