3F/H25T Spline Servo to 1/4" Shaft Coupler (Set Screw) 525136

Product Weight 0.20 oz
Material Brass
Coupling Style Set Screw
Bore 0.250"
Servo Spline Compatibility 25 Tooth (3F/H25T) Spline

9,81 (8,04 + IVA)

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This servo to shaft coupler is intended to fasten a 1/4" shaft to the output spline of a servo that has a 25 Tooth (3F/H25T) Spline. The coupler fastens to the servo by installing the stock servo screw down through the center of the part prior to inserting a 1/4" shaft into the bore. For a solid connection between the coupler and a shaft, we recommend that you use a 1/4" D-shaft so that the set-screw is able to tighten down on the flat and reduce any chance slippage. For round profile shafts we do offer a similar coupler that clamps around the shaft rather than using a set-screw. Patented.

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