Controllino Maxi Automation

Control system based on #Arduino Core, programmable with the Arduino ide



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CPU Type ATmega2560
CPU Clock Speed 16 MHz
Current Max 20 Ampere
RTC support YES
LAN Interface 1x
SERIAL Interface 2x
RS485 Interface not available
SPI Interface 1x
I2C Interface 1x
Digital Inputs 6x (D0-D3, IN0, IN1)
Analog Inputs 2x - 0-10V (AI12, AI13)
Digital/Analog Inputs 12x - 0-24V (AI0-AI11)
Digital Outputs 8x High Side Switch – 2A @12V or 24V (DO0-DO7)
Relay Outputs 10x – 230V / 6A
Analog Outputs 2x – 0-10V (AO0, AO1)

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