Band 2,4GHz
Chnnels 9 (con FLEXX)
Memories 50 grazie Multiplex ID
Trasmission protocol MLINK 2,4GHz FHSS
receiver included RX-5 M-LINK ID1
advanced features FLEXX / SRXL

198,45 (162,67 + IVA)

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The SMART SX 9 FLEXX M-LINK is a compact and intelligent 9-channel radio remote control that is ideal for controlling ground or water vehicles that require many auxiliary functions.

Some of the main features of the SMART-SX

  • Design with particular attention to ergonomics.
  • Optimized for Tamiya trucks and multi-purpose units such as the MFC-01
  • Support for the new FLEXX bus to work with the new SRXL devices
  • High-performance IOAT antenna integrated into the case.
  • 9 channels (using the RX-4/9 FLEXX receiver and the FLEXX MULTISwitch)
  • Reverse channels and digital triim
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries
  • Incredible autonomy: up to 25 h
  • 2.4GHz M-LINK technology for a reliable and powerful transmission
  • Upgradeable via USB interface and MPX Launcher

ID model recognition technology

The radio recognizes the relevant model via the M-LINK ID receiver and activates the relevant adjustment by its large model memory (50). Full reception is available with the already proven 2.4GHz M-LINK transmission system. Of course, the SMART SX can be operated with any M-LINK receiver. All MULTIPLEX models in ELAPOR ® compatible from RTF to RR + are programmed at the factory. Thanks to the easy use of the radio you can easily adjust even any other model of the different manufacturers. Even the trim of each individual model linked to an ID is memorized.

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