Outdoor Weather Bricklet

  • Receives data from outdoor weather station and indoor sensors
  • Measures Temperature, Humidity, Wind/Gust speed, Wind direction and Rainfall
  • Can use up to 255 weather stations/sensors simultaneously

17,45 (14,31 + IVA)

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The Outdoor Weather Bricklet is equipped with a 433MHz receiver capable of receiving data from outdoor weather stations. It can be connected to a Brick.

It currently supports Outdoor Weather Station WS-6147 which measures

Temperature (°C)
Humidity (%RH)
Wind/Gust speed (m/s)
Wind direction (16 directions)
Rainfall (mm)
and Temperature/Humidity Sensor TH-6148 which measures

Temperature (°C)
Humidity (%RH)
The Outdoor Weather Station WS-6147 is meant to be put outside (somewhere where it can measure the rain/wind). The TH-6148 sensor can be used inside or outside. You can use up to 255 Outdoor Weather Stations and up to 255 Sensors simultaneously.

If you need an enclose for the Outdoor Weather Bricklet together with a Master Brick, you can use the Internet of Things case. It is compatible.

The Outdoor Weather Bricklet has a 7 pole Bricklet connector and is connected to a Brick with a 7p-10p Bricklet cable.

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