Right Angle Gear Motor (638336)

4,19 (3,44 + IVA)

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These gear motors (model 638336) are an inexpensive way to put your project in motion! The required voltage is 4.5-6V with a no load current of 190mA. The output shaft is 9mm long and the gearbox ratio is 48:1 with a wheel speed of 140 RPM (unloaded). These are the motors used on our popular Runt Rover Robot Kit series. Use with our 2.55” or 3.10” press-fit robot wheels.

Voltage (Nominal) 4.5V
Voltage Range (Recommended) 4.5V - 6.0V
Speed (No Load)* 140RPM
Current (No Load)* 190mA
Current (Max Load)* 250mA
Torque (Stall)* 800 gf-cm (11.11 oz-in)
Gear Ratio 48:1
Gear Material Plastic
Gearbox Style Face Gear / Straight Cut Spur
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Diameter 5.3mm
Output Shaft Style Double Flats
Output Shaft Support Plastic Case
Electrical Connection Male Header Pin
Wire Length 12”
Wire Gauge 26awg
Mounting Screw Size 4-40
Product Weight 0.07 lbs
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